Feng Shui Your Mind

Feng Shui Your Mind
Vivid dreaming, please help!?

I have had very little sleep recently because I have been woken numerous times during the night due to very vivid dreaming, the things that occur in my dreams play heavily on my mind the next day and make it difficult to concentrate at school.

I have a feeling that this dreaming has been brought on by something paranormal.

The things that have been repeating in my dreams a lot lately are…

1. Driving, and the brakes don’t work properly
2. Getting back with my ex, whom I despise
3.An alley way, but not a dark scary one, a happy bright one

For those people who believe in feng shui, how bad is it to have your bed facing south?

Is there anything I can use to ward off the paranormal so I can get some sleep?

Dreams are a fragment of your imagination, experience, fear or desire and usually don’t mean anything. There are all sorts of claims and conjectures about what dreams mean, mostly based on wish-fulfillment or fears. It’s intriguing to think about because the events of our recent lives seem to play out in our dreams in odd ways, but the “theories” of interpretation are merely someone’s opinion and not based on anything substantial or objective or scientific.

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