Feng Shui Zones

Feng Shui Zones
Feng Shui–live creek or stream in the backyard, good or bad?

The house rear property is approximately 6-8 feet elevated above the wooded creek. Deer, birds and small animals drink from it often. We have a bench overlooking the creek. Note: the creek(4-5 feet wide) works as a buffer zone from the neighbor behind us. I’d appreciate any feedback fellow Yahoo’ers.

I have read that it is auspicious to have water ponds and slow-moving streams in the front of the home to collect beneficial chi.

I know this may not be feasible for you, but I have read this from more than one source on feng shui.

This is even more apparent to me because we have a pond in the backyard with a small circulating waterfall. To me, it is a bit too close to the house and causes a bit of insecure feelings to build up. Other than that, is is sometimes a very beautiful pond to see.

Good luck fellow feng shui enthusiest!

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