Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine
any suggestions for really good gemstones/crystals during pregnancy?

so far i’ve been using red calcite, ulexite and sometimes blue topaz *december baby* oh, and i think the baby really likes green aventurine.
i fear using some stones because i’m really sensitive to their energies and i don’t want to irritate the baby with too much/too strong energy. i realized this when i discovered fulgurite…way too strong for pregnancy.

Rose quartz can raise your sense of well-being, love and improves self-image (when your new body gives you the blues) so it has to be good for the baby! Aquamarine is soothing and relaxing, bloodstones and hematite increase circulation (a MAJOR plus in pregnancy), diamonds for courage (in delivery), galena for iron deficiency, moonstone for love and happiness, onyx helps aid adjustment to new surroundings (labor room!), peridot for positive outlook, pyrite for general good health, and clear quartz for luck.

Need more??? I have TONS! LOL

Heidi Daus Sparkling Scarab Green Aventurine Ring with C…

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