Inviting Gem

Inviting Gem
I’m about to graduate & have been invited to lunch with Examiners after exam board have sat. Why? Gem?

I’m just finishing my final year of degree programme. I have recieved a kind invitation to lunch with the external examiners following the sitting of the level 3 exam board on resulits day, but I’m not sure why i’ve been invited as none of my colleagues appear to have invites. Any clues anybody?

This happens at the end of most courses at most institutions. It allows the examiners a chance to talk informally to the students themselves – usually exam marks and lecturers are the buffer between the two. It’s certainly nothing to worry about & I doubt they will ask technical questions about your course! As I understand it they will usually pick a cross-section of “typical” (haha!) students that are firmly within grade boundaries rather than interrogating those on the borderlines, although as suggested it may well be they choose some based on excellent results. Any which way, the aim is to maintain the standard of degree courses, and thus the value of your degree.

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