Japanese Feng

Japanese Feng
Making the perfect Japanese inspired bedroom?

I am designing my bedroom in a japanese/feng shui kinda style, and I need some tips. I think I am doing pretty well so far, but I would love to find out some new ideas. I know there are ppl far more creative than I, so if you have any great tips and/or ideas let me know. ~Thanks~
Don’t have tons of money!

My Asian room has Japanese and Chinese Kimonos hanging from the walls on drapery rods. You can find them inexpensively in Chinatowns and thrift stores, but mine are genuine antiques I inherited. I use Thai masks as faces hung above them. I have a little table top fountain and put animal figures representing the year of the rat and the year of the tiger which are my husband and mine Chinese astrology years. I took the little red envelopes Asians use for gift giving and framed them. I have several Buddhas surrounded by candles and incense as decoration. I used the calenders from the Asian markets to decoupage frames. I bought brocade fabric with an Asian toile design from JoAnne Fabrics to make pillows and throws. I got a lot of Asian coins at the Chinese market to glue to picture frames. I got chops cut with our names in Chinese and used them as stencils on the walls and enlarged Japanese characters into stencils, too. I used a lot of red, black and gold for accent colors. And since I collect Asian tea sets I use them for water next to the bed and for bath salts next to the tub. You can find Asian style bedding at Domestications and Brylane Home.

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