Legged Money

Legged Money
need to get my little dogs leg amputated no money no vet will touch her shes in pain don’t know what to do ???

they won’t let me make payments, they are the most uncaring, money hungry people I’ve came across, I almost wish she would of gotten killed when she got hit by the car, had I known this would happen. They won’t take half payment. This is in Fargo ND.

Don’t give up, you have options ~ contact your local SPCA and or humane society. You can also contact your local area rescue groups sometimes they have the resources that can help. You can also contact your church and if you don’t have a church contact the churches in your area and request help.

But for the most part ~ a vet doctor who really cares will stop at nothing to save a life ~ find someone else, call around and ask around there is someone in your city that is bound to help….

*NEW*Just like their father: Prince and Paris Jackson want to raise money for a two-legged dog!

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