Luo Pan

Luo Pan
cute show/alan luo songs?

any recommendations? i heard lian ai da ren and i love it 🙂 i like cute moderate beat songs such as lian ai da ren, bu de bu ai (wil pan), zhao mi (wil pan) qi li xian (jay chou), zui ai ni (k-one) more than super fast or super slow songs. if you have any recommendations, please share? Thank you!! 😀

OMG i love show luo! 😀 He’s cute.
Well those are pretty old songs, but i love them too! (: I have loads to share!

Show luo’s new songs would be ai bu dan xing (爱不单行) and ai feng tou (爱疯头). These are the ones i really love. (:
Well there are other chinese songs that i love, i think you would love them too. 😀
S.H.E’s zhi wei ai shang ni (只为爱上你) and jerry yan’s xi guan liang ge ren (习惯两个人).
Hope you would love them too! 😀

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