Shadow Hanger

Shadow Hanger
Fable ideas for me????

“Never give up hope. If you wait out the shadows, light is bound to come.”
Hi this is my moral and i need a good fable that will end with something happening to prove this moral. I cant think of anything so i have come to you for help. I would like a good idea i do not mind if it includes animal or humans that can be your choice. I would like suspense or a cliff hanger at the end but that’s only if that is possible
im 13 xx please help im really stuck xx

A fish gets caught in a net and at first he’s upset, but all the little minnows work together to nibble the net and get him out. But then the fish says “hmm, now that I’m free I’m going to go eat this tasty worm that just appeared out of nowhere on this shiny hook,” and that’s the end, you never figure out if he took the bait.

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