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For good feng shui, where should I place my candelabras?

i have wall candelabras/candles and i dont know where to put them. my whole bedroom is just square and i want to add ornaments to it so it feels cozy …but i have no idea where to hang the candelabras. i also have table candelabras black and red coloured gothic style, and just one gold victorian style one…
where should i put them?? thank you.

candles are not a good idea for the house. why? because in fengshui, there are energy/ ies that react and interact inside and outside the house. so for example, there is too much fire formations in a location inside the house, there the fire can manifest itself – there will be actual fire… and there will be explanations like faulty wirings, etc. there is always some kind of explanation. but the end result is always a fire related accident or blood related diseases. so, if you are to put more fire in the house, then you should know where to put them. the problem here is that there is no general rule to locate these things. because the energy/ ies distribution inside the house depends on the facing of the house (different for condos) and what period (every 20 years in fengshui, we are now in period #8 until 2023) you first used your house – something like that. so there are many combinations for each house.

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