Shui White

Shui White
The logo of Feng Shui? ?

i wanna ask why the logo of Feng Shui is black and white
what is it mean?

You are talking about the symbol of Yin and Yang, which is one of the basic principles used in Feng Shui. Although it is much used, it is not the logo of Feng Shui.

The Yin-Yang principle is traditionally symbolized by a circle divided into two halves by a sinuous line in form of S, with one half of black color and the other of white color. The circle evokes the unit of the universe constituted by the aspects of Yin (black) and Yang (white) inseparable in any manifestation of totality; in the half of each color there is a smaller circle of the opposite color in central position, indicating that each one of the two aspects, in the climax of its deployment, carries its polar opposite in germination to operate its transmutation.

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