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Feng Shui Symbols For Happiness

Feng Shui Marriage Luck – Feng Shui Symbols to Protect and Enhance Your Marriage

Feng Shui Marriage Luck

A happy and long lasting marriage so sacred and rare, that we should all be so lucky to be involved in one. The Chinese has been using feng shui symbols to attract relationship luck for hundreds of years. Here are some great feng shui tips to protect and enhance your marriage.

The dragon and the phoenix are extremely auspicious creatures that represent a happy marriage (the dragon representing the husband and the phoenix representing the wife). If you can find an amulet with these two creatures on it, carry it around with you at all times. If not, a small (never too big) picture of the dragon and phoenix in the bedroom will bring luck into the marriage. These celestial creatures are benevolent beings that not only bring happiness into the marriage, but also protect the marriage against malevolent influences. Feng Shui Marriage Luck

A pair of mandarin ducks is also most auspicious for a marriage. In the wild, mandarin ducks mate for life, and will only look for a new partner after the old one has died. These are excellent feng shui symbols for a happy marriage. Have a pair of mandarin duck figurines in the living room or bedroom. You must never have more than a pair of mandarin ducks in a room. Having more than one pair symbolize extra-marital affairs.

As we all know the Southwest direction represents your luck in romantic relationships and is dominated by the earth element. Place a crystal figurine of a pink lotus in the southwest to enhance your marriage. The lotus flower is symmetrical from all angles, and is the ultimate symbol for perfection and purity. Placing a crystal lotus in the Southwest will ensure that the marriage will be free of obstacles. Feng Shui Marriage Luck

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