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Feng Shui Better Health

Feng Shui Better Health
Do you believe in feng shui?

feng shui is a balance of energies of any given space to assure the health and good fortune for people inhabiting it.

you know like you move around furniture to a certain spot. to get good fortune,

or something like that………
Latin guru,
that answers was cheesier then cheese =p

most people have misunderstood what fengshui is about. all houses and all location on earth have fengshui. it is just a matter of whether a location has good fengshui or bad fengshui.

fengshui is like nature, it is powerful than man. therefore man cannot make a place to have good fengshui just by painting the wall a certain color, putting a picture or puttina a statue.

there is no such thing as balancing or harmonizing the elements, this is only meant to throw people off the right track. so, people would stop asking questions. fengshui practitioners hate to share ideas, we are like chefs, we hate to share our recipes. =)

so what is fengshui? at the center of fengshui are the fengshui methods like flying stars, 8 mansions, etc. clearing the clutter and the bagua method are not fengshui methods.

fengshui is not really about arranging the furnitures, it is more like arranging the different rooms inside a house. why is this so? because when you know the methods, you first measure using a compass the facing degree of a house. then use it to calculate for the flying star chart. this will describe what energies that exist in the different parts of your house. when you know what kind of energies are present in your home, then you will know where to put the different rooms inside your house. basically, you put the rooms that you use frequently in areas with good energy, while leaving the areas with bad energies for toilets, storage, garage, etc.

advance uses of the methods:
when you know the methods, then you know how to kind of reverse engineer the methods – so you can manipulate how your life turns out. the energies that exists in your house manifest in your life and can become your life. so in a way, you can change your life, by changing your house’s structure like door facing, kitchen/ stove location (this attracts money into your life), etc.

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