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Shui Hanging

Shui Hanging

Feng Shui Tips For Love And Marriage – 3 Amazing Feng Shui Tips on How to Enhance Your Personal Marriage Life

Feng Shui Tips For Love And Marriage

Feng Shui has all the cures and remedies to enhance your marriage life or even bring back the romance sparks that once propelled the love that both your love partner and you once shared. In this article, we shall tap on the wisdom of feng shui to teach you on how to enhance your personal marriage life. New relationships are exciting while an old one may become boring and a little stagnant. Use the power of Feng Shui to give your marriage a makeover.

1. Place A Pair Of Mandarin Ducks At The Southwest
Mandarin ducks are popular symbols of lovers and potent symbol of marital bliss. It creates good chi or energy that will help new lovers tie the knot and brings marital bliss to married couples. Simply place a pair of mandarin ducks in the Southwest corner of your living room or bedroom. Mandarin ducks will activate your love and marriage chi which will bring happiness and ever-lasting love to your marriage life. Feng Shui Tips For Love And Marriage

2. Remove Or Cover Any Mirrors In The Bedroom
A mirror facing the bed from any side, for example ceiling, wall, closet door or dressing table, which reflects the couple on the bed is a taboo in feng shui. This could create a failure in the relationship or marriage due to a third party interference or infidelities. If you cannot remove the mirrors in the bedroom, simply use a cloth and cover the mirror when both your mate and you are sleeping.

3. Hang Pictures Of You And Your Mate
Place or hang loving pictures of you and your mate in the bedroom to enhance your marriage life. Pictures of you and your mate in the bedroom helps to enhance your love with your mate and brings harmony and ever-lasting love for both of you. Feng Shui Tips For Love And Marriage

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