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Feng Shui Love Bedroom

Feng Shui Love Bedroom
i need some awesome bedroom ideas?

i want to make my room really cool! like paint and everything i think
here are some things i like and some things about me and my personality

im 16
fave colour is yellow
i like black and white type of themes
classy elegant stuff
im not much of a girly girl
i want my room to have a happy vibe
i want good feng shui!
i love the beach style (like a beach sunset)
i love quotes
a african theme seems cool too
i just need some ideas.
ta (:

As you have a strong personality, simple straight forward lines should be the theme of the decoration. The straight and linear designs in minimalist style would definitely stimulate your thoughts. The choice of color should be very critical, as yellow white and black don’t make a good combo for the Bed Room. You might try simplifying the whole room into white. Use the straight lines and black as your furniture. The furnishings can have a hint of yellow. So that the sunlight passing through the window panes highlight the color. The floor can be with Blue mosaic tiles..to let you feel that you are on water.
The quotes can be printed on the furnishings as patterns, which will be seen closer.
Imagine you have blue floor with all white room and furniture in Pure Black with whitish yellow furnishings with quotes in black font as patterns….lovely isn’t it!
If you forward the plan of the room I can paint the picture in it!

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