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Feng Shui Turquoise

Feng Shui Turquoise

Living Room Colors | Living Room color ideas

Everybody is familiar with the concept of ‘color wheel’. Understanding the color wheel and color psychology helps in easy decipherment of room colors and moods they create. There are three primary colors in the color wheel – red, blue and yellow. When these 3 primary colors are mixed, we get secondary colors, which are violet (a combination of red and blue), green (a combination of blue and yellow) and orange (a combination of red and yellow). One half of the color wheel has cool colors, which are blue, violet and green and the other half consists of warm colors, which are red, orange and yellow. Let us take a look at the different room colors and moods which they produce, which will help you in selecting the color that you can use to paint your rooms.

Room Colors and Emotions

There are so many colors for rooms from which one can choose but it is important to understand room colors and what they mean, before making the final decision. If you are wondering what color to paint a room, then here is your answer. Given below is a list of the various room colors and emotions they produce,which will help you select colors of rooms for your house.

White: White gives a peaceful and calm mood to a room. So, it is best suited for bedrooms and bathrooms. However, white can give a sterile, hospital-like feeling, so make sure you decorate the wall trim and sidings with bright shades of blue, red or any other bright color. The popular alternatives to white are beige and gray. You can always try various interior paint colors and ideas, on the white walls to make them more attractive. There are many simple paint room color ideas. Here is one of them – paint one wall (the best choice would be the wall behind the bed), a calming shade of green and decorate the remaining three white walls with stencil designs in the same shade of green.

Black: Black is a bold color and can produce different moods. It can make a room sophisticated and stylish. A popular shade of black is gray, which creates a formal and balanced mood. To balance the color black, use light colored furniture in shades of beige or ash. You can also hang vibrantly colored paintings on black walls, and make the room look funky. This color is suitable for painting the living room and gray, which is a shade of black can be used for bedrooms, living rooms or bathrooms. But black is associated with negativity and darkness and should be employed with care, especially when used for interior painting. White and black are both popular feng shui bedroom colors.

Blue: Blue is a popular color for painting interiors and is suitable for all rooms, especially the bedrooms and bathrooms. Blue gives a calm and cool mood to a room. The popular shades of blue are aqua, turquoise and sky blue. You can always combine blue with other colors to make your interior decorating interesting, for example, painting aqua blue with beige in vertical stripes, is a good option to make a room look modern.

Yellow: This is another popular choice when it comes to interior painting. This color is great for painting kids rooms as it creates a sunshiny, bright and cheerful feeling. You can combine it with almost any color, but the colors that complement it best, are red and blue. The popular shades of yellow are lemon sorbet, sunshine yellow and pale yellow.

Brown: This color can create a somber and dull feeling, but when combined with the right furniture, it can make a room look bold and masculine, which is why this color is a popular choice for painting a guy’s room. The popular shades of brown are chocolate, beige and orangish-beige.

Red: Red is a bold color to use and it is widely heralded as the color of passion. The most popular shade of red, pink, is widely used to paint girls rooms. Other popular shades of red are burgundy and melon red. The color is best suited for painting living rooms. However, if you are using a dark shade of red to paint the walls, use light colored furniture for decorating the room. You can also combine red with other colors like yellow, blue and white.

Green: Green is not so widely used for interior painting, but occasionally people paint their kitchen or living room, in this color. Green symbolizes nature and creates a mood of balance and harmony. Combine green with colors like yellow, white and gray to make the room more attractive.

Purple: Purple is synonymous with royalty, style and sophistication. This color has been a popular choice for painting girls room. However, in recent times people have started to use the color to paint contemporary kitchens. A shade of purple, lavender can be used to paint kitchen walls and accentuated by black appliances. You can also use steel furniture to make the kitchen look more stylish.

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