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Feng Shui Dragon Picture

Feng Shui Dragon Picture
can ne1 pls solve this riddle?

“For 15 years the truth was untold, No one knew that he lay cold, With murals his secrets walls are ridden, To pass this test .nd what was hidden.”

its related to china and der’s also a picture with it as a hint in which there are 2 dragons on each side, a feng shui symbol in middle ,fire above the symbol, sun above the fire and red/blue striped background.
this is for a online treasure hunt i’ve participated in.you go country by country tryin 2 figure out the right ans each time by solving da clue.i’ve reachd china and gotta solve this riddle 2 advance further

maybe a dragon that still layed there alive with some sort of chinese secrets painted about this dragon.to pass this test u have to find some correct interpretation to the meaning.

yeah i tried my best.

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