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Shui Three

Shui Three
Why good feng shui comes in three ?

Someone told me that good feng shui comes in three. I have two lucky bamboo and two is bad. They said I should go get another lucky bamboo to make it three because three is good feng shui. Why does good feng shui comes in there? Why three?

The number three in traditional Feng Shui is considered to be auspicious because it means/symbolizes creation/renewal. You’ll notice that many Feng Shui enhancers and remedies come in the form of threes and with good reasoning.

You’ll notice three coins tied with a red ribbon which is used for the creation of wealth (the coins are considered to boost wealth). The Fu Lu Shou (aka Three Star Gods) who create harmony and three blessings into your home. The list goes on of many auspicious entities or events in history that involve the number three.

There are other lucky numbers in Feng Shui though, the most famous one being 8 (prosperity) and 9 (longevity).

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