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Wealth Pot

Wealth Pot
If we redistribute the wealth evenly wouldn’t we have a better place to live?

Im thinking we set it up so that the rich and poor all take their money and throw it into a pot and then distribute it out evenly.
Just for argument sake it comes out to 300k per person. Would this be a better country? or would some turn it into millions and others spend it and we get right back to where we started from giving welfare to those that lost it?
the question was just to affirm that redistribution of wealth is a bad thing…thanks

we could reverse the rolls, the poor become the rich and the rich the poor, within 5 yrs all the people that were made rich would be poor again, because they don’t know anything about building wealth, and all the ones that became poor, would rise to the top and become the rich again. you have to know how to succeed first, to become successful

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