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Zodiac Charm

Zodiac Charm
Whats your sign and which incompatible sign(zodiac) charms you?

I am a Scorpio and relationship wise, it seems I keep getting mixed up with fellow Scorpios–of which I do feel some attraction towards. For me though it has been the equivalent of a train wreck when we actually attempt a relationship.

So I don’t feel attracted to Scorp men anymore(when they used to really attract me) Only one keeps pursuing me, because he is a control freak of course. You would think the thrill of the chase would wear off once I submit to him, but then he just tries to dominate me. Until I dump him again for intruding on my personal space. This has gone on since we were 14 and we are 34 now!

So I toss this one back into the sea. Again and again.

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